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Planting in La Crosse
Beautify La Crosse – Interested in planting in your boulevard or a traffic circle?
Boulevard Trees – Check out the guidelines and list of approved trees.

DNR’s Top 40 Invasive Lists – View lists located in Additional Resources pane at right of page.

Rain Gardens
DNR informational site with guides.
Wisconsin Pollinators informational site with guides and video. (site not active 2024)

Wild Ones – “Healing the Earth one yard at a time.”

Recorded Webinars
– “Bombus Among Us – Bumble Bee Basics” featuring Wild Ones honorary director, biologist and author, Heather Holm.
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Summer 2022 Edition
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Tree & Plant Selection

WHNA enjoyed having arborist Bob Fisher on our board. Prior to his passing, Bob prepared guides with helpful tips on selecting shrubs and trees with the best foliage for your landscaping.

Bob Fisher
Dates 10/22/39 - 02/27/2023

A tree was planted in his honor at Weigent Park, just south of the shelter.